I had to learn that I am a masterpiece

From the top of my head to the soles of my feet.

Loving myself inside and out is one of the greatest gifts I could ever give to myself.

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My freshman year of college I was sitting in an English 1101 class. I’m not sure how the topic came up but a white girl in my class goes “there aren’t any successful black people. There’s no such thing as black people having Money. Blacks can’t be entrepreneurs” again, I have no idea how we came…

I see black excellence as any black person making a way for themselves and being successful (in however they see success as). Whether black people are rapping and singing or in the medical field I think those are weighed equally. We are all succeeding if we are making a difference for ourselves and those around us. 

What was wrong, well to me, is what the white girl said. Her opinion is so flawed it grosses me out. The problem isn’t us. Oh no and it has never been us. 

I heavily fuck with myself.

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Ladies try this next time you do the nasty nasty <3



I hope your thighs are strong enough~

When you do 69 with him, and he back there doing his thing, alternate between long strokes with your mouth and sucking the tip. The tip is their most sensitive area. Drives em mad. If you let it hit the…

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